Are Saxophone And Clarinet Reeds The Same

Are Saxophone And Clarinet Reeds The Same. There are reeds for the saxophone and the clarinet. Soprano sax reeds are not the best for clarinets. The purpose of the clarinet reeds is to have more wood in the center of them. Beginners on saxophone and clarinet would do well to start with regular rico reeds, #2, and move up to #2/1/2 or #3 once they are intermediate players.

Are Saxophone And Clarinet Reeds The Same

The Ultimate Guide to Clarinet and Saxophone Reeds | Kincaid's is Music

If the rails play the same but are both too hard,. In general most reeds are numbered by strength, ranging from 1 to 5. Strength 1 reeds will be the thinnest and have the least amount of resistance.

Buy a half a dozen, and also buy a little. If i can play without difficulty on each rail, the reed is probably good in this range. If the rails play differently, the reed is probably out of balance.

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There are many similarities between clarinet and saxophone reeds, but there are also some important differences. Both instruments use a single reed, which vibrates to create. The saxophone mouthpiece and clarinet mouthpiece are very similar.

Strength 5 are the strongest and thickest. The smaller the reed, the more minimal your scrapes should be: A small scrape on a clarinet reed is much larger, proportionally, than the same scrape on a tenor sax reed. When you open a new box of reeds, you'll find one you favour and another you think is awful, despite being the exact same strength, out of the same box.

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What Is Reed Size – Finding The Best Reed Strength For You

Welcome to the world of single reed instruments! Most commonly, a single reed instrument refers to a Clarinet or a Saxophone. If you're just starting out – or if you're an advanced player – you've come to the right place to begin your journey. Saxophone Reeds: Clarinet Reeds: …

These are a few of my top reed keeping secrets that I would like to share with all my fellow sax and clarinet players out there. (and even double reeders out there!! Buy me a Piece of Cake: SIRVALORSAX Merchandise (apparel, cups ect…) Digital content is here also: Alto Sax Altissimo Book. "Vantage Point" Tenor Sax Altissimo Book. "The High Ground" "All Things Diminished" lesson book SIRVALORSAX PLAYS: Buy me a Piece of Cake: …

We asked Justin Swadling for his top tips on choosing the best reeds for your Clarinet or Sax. Shop a range via:

In this video, I try out Légère reeds for classical (Signature Edition) and jazz (American Cut Edition) alto saxophone. I am pleasantly surprised at how good they are! Though, I must say that the strength 3 Légère was a bit too thin for my taste. If you play on a 3 Vandoren, perhaps a stronger strength for the synthetic reed is the right move. Table of Contents: 0:00 Intro 0:35 Légère's Growing Reputation 1:35 Unboxing Légère Reeds 3:34 First impressions 4:10 Comparing the Classical Reeds 7:39 First impression of the Jazz 9:16 Comparing the Jazz Reeds 11:37 Conclusion and Final Thoughts 13:25 Outro 13:32 Ritual Order your own Légères…

Introduction to Choosing a Reed – For Clarinet and Alto Saxophone


Every student needs one thing before they begin playing a clarinet or saxophone, and that is a reed! Reeds come in hundreds of varieties, and choosing the right reed can be daunting if you have no musical experience. This guide is for students and parents of students who are looking for a helping hand in choosing the correct reed. Please note, the advice provided in this video is merely the advice and opinion compiled from about 100 band directors. This suggestions are to be used as a guide…. Are Saxophone And Clarinet Reeds The Same.

Are Saxophone And Clarinet Reeds The Same. Do saxophones and clarinets use the same reeds? The reverse will work, so the two reeds are basically the same. It’s a simple exchange because they are the same size.

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